We call ourselves 24 sticks and we are a group of professionals with a very keen interest and wide expertise in the field of audio visual production and animation films.

We write,produce,direct,edit,create graphics & animation and we do all of it with the intention that everything stands out-the video, the subject that the video talks about, the products or services being advertised.


Harina Kapoor

Aikyum solar,Irvine, California

Mohnish Pabrai

Pabrai Investment Funds,Irvine, California

Vineet Dahiya

Executive Director, InfoAxon Technologies

Our Clients

We create digital experiences for brands communicating the unique services provided to your customers. Creativity for us something personal

What we do


Our Graphic team are will equipped with the creative and technical knowhow to produce elaborate animation videos (both 2D & 3D) and visual effects given the time and resources.We create amazing explainer videos, marketing videos, concept videos, and other types of videos that help our clients effectively communicate their story with their audiences.


We are a small team and every member plays a part during the video shoot. During production, all team members be it in-house or outsourced are part of 24sticks production and will perform their duties as such. So no matter what kind of genre we are shooting for - Television Commercial (TVC), Corporate Video, Music Video, Short Films, Youtube videos etc - we understand that it is our responsibility to deliver what we promise.


When the final "Pack Up" call has been shouted, the 24sticks Post-Production team is reeled in to put together every raw material that has resulted from production. This is when the Editor, Compositor & Graphic Designer put their heads together and collaboratively turn what they have into the product that they want. We offer everything right from Editing, Graphic Design, Color Correction and both 2D & 3D Animation.


Research And Script

After understanding your requirements in detail through a project questionnaire and conference calls, a professional script writer is tasked with creating the script for your video. Our writers come up with a punchy script.


Amazing features with creative portfolio




Pick your voice artist! We’ll send you some samples from the pros, so you can pick the voice that suits your brand. The intonation & modulation of the voice over, recorded in a professional studio, will be according to your precise instructions.



Storyboard contains illustrations of consecutive shots with detailed description of action and movement. It includes a colored theme shot which gives you a visual representation of how your video is going to look like in the end.


Graphics and Animation

It’s here that we bring your video to life. Final graphics are created based on the approved storyboard and the animation is then done along with accompanying voice over and background music.

creAtive platfOrm

We are a video production team that has a passion for creating amazing videos.

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We are a video Production Team.